Selected Repertoire:

Adams, John Luther: The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies; Strange and Sacred Noise; Inuksuit

Adler, Christopher: Signals Intelligence

Alvarez, Javier: Temazcal

Applebaum, Mark: Metaphysics of Notation; Go, Dog. Go!; Theme in Search of Variations; Catfish; 30; Sum=Parts

Babbitt, Milton: Beaten Paths; Homily

Barraqué, Jean: Chants Après Chants

Becker, Bob: Palta

Bergamo, John: Three Pieces for the Winter Solstice; Five Short Pieces for Solo Marimba; Piru Bole; Different Strokes; Shradanjali; Grand Ambulations of the B flat Zombies; On the Edge; Foreign Objects; 5x5x5; Tulumbaz; Duets and Solos

Birtwistle, Harrison: For O, For O, the Hobby-Horse is Forgot

Bjarnason, Daníel: Qui tollis

Bryars, Gavin: One Last Bar, Then Joe Can Sing

Cage, John: 27’10.554” for a Percussionist; Third Construction; Amores; Four4; But what about the sound of

crumpling paper; Music for Five: John Cage’s Timed Pieces (27’10.554 for a percussionist, 26’1.1499” for a string

player - Emily DuFour, 45’ for a speaker - Chris Tonelli, 34’46.776” for a pianist - Brian Rubke, 31’57.9864” for a

pianist - Traci Esslinger)

Carter, Elliott: Eight Pieces for Four Timpani; A Mirror on Which to Dwell; Tintinnabulation

Cerrone, Christopher: Memory Palace (for percussion quartet) world premiere

Chagas, Paulo C: Ashe; Bonfim U.S. premiere; Zwischenraum (In-Between) U.S. premiere; Luminous Self world premiere

Chaudhuri, Swapan: Tabla Solo in Teental

Crumb, George: Music for A Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III)

De Mey, Thierry: Musique de Table

Deyoe, Nicholas: Lullaby 5 world premiere

Dillon, James: East 11th St. NY 10003 U.S. premiere; Oceanos U.S. premiere

Donatoni, Franco: Omar Pt. 1

Druckman, Jacob: Reflections on the Nature of Water (VI Relentless)

Dun, Tan: Snow in June

Estrada, Julio: Eolo’oolin

Feldman, Morton: King of Denmark; Bass Clarinet & Two Percussion

Ferneyhough, Brian: Bone Alphabet

Globokar, Vinko: Correspondences

Golijov, Osvaldo: Mariel

Gordon, Michael: XY; Hyper world premiere

Gosfield, Annie: Flying Sparks & Heavy Machinery world premiere

Grisey, Gérard: Le Noire de l’Étoile; Tempus ex Machina

Griswold, Erik: Concerto for Prepared Piano and Percussion; Give Us This Day world premiere

Hackbarth, Ben: Am I a Particle or a Wave? world premiere

Harrison, Lou: Fugue; Suite for Percussion

Harvey, William: Interplanetary Mullah world premiere

Heim, Sean: Rūpa-Khandha world premiere

Holmes, Jeffrey: Occasus, Ymir world premiere

Hovda, Eleanor: Cymbal Music II

Iturralde, Carlos: aN oy U.S. premiere

Kagel, Maricio: Dressur

Kraft, William: Fore! world premiere

Lang, David: Anvil Chorus; Unchained Melody; Table of Contents

LeBaron, Anne: Transfiguration; A-Zythum world premiere

Ligeti, György: Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedüvel

McIntosh, Andrew: I Hold the Lion’s Paw world premiere

Menezes, Flo: Pulsares world premiere

Menzies, Mark: Deities of the Cherry Grove world premiere

Naidoo, Shaun: The Year Before Yesterday world premiere; Sentient Weather

Papalexandri-Alexandri, Marianthi: Kein Thema world premiere

Pereira, Joseph: Repoussè; Mallet Quartet world premiere

Reich, Steve: Nagoya Marimbas; Marimba Phase; Clapping Music; Sextet; Drumming; Music for 18 Musicians;

Music for Pieces of Wood

Reid, Ellen: Fear | Release world premiere

Reynolds, Roger: Sanctuary world premiere

Rosenberger, Katharina: SHIFT; Modules

Rzewski, Frederic: Song and Dance

Schankler, Isaac: Blindnesses world premiere

Sciarrino, Salvatore: Infinito Nero; Un fruscìo lungo trent’anni 

Šenk, Nina: Dream Catcher world premiere

Smith, Stuart Saunders: They Looked Like Strangers world premiere; Family Portraits: Erika (daughter) world premiere; Links No. 9; Links No. 6; Two Lights; Blue Too; Brush; Dad’s Time Had Come; Far Away; Good Night.

Srinivasan, Poolavur: Anyways for drumset duo (w/ Corey Fogel)

Stockhausen, Karlheinz: Nr. 9 Zyklus; Schlagtrio; Mikrophonie I

Takemitsu, Toru: Rain Tree

Tenney, James: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion; Deus ex Machina; Three Drum Quartets; Pika Don

Thorvaldsdottir, Anna: Hidden world premiere, Aura (for percussion quartet) world premiere

Ung, Chinary: Mohori

Varèse, Edgar: Ionisation; Déserts

Wenjing, Guo: Drama


Xenakis, Iannis: Psappha; Rebonds Pt. A and Pt. B; Okho; Pléïades; Persephassa; Thalleïn; Zythos premiere recording